God has called us to live out our faith in community with other believers building genuine relationships by studying God’s word, praying, and serving together. Life Groups meet on-campus on Sunday mornings and off-campus during the week to offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who grow in relationship to one another and Christ and bring “church” into your daily home life.

Administrator – An Administrator works with teachers to coordinate all Life Group activities.

Care Group Leader – Care groups minister to the needs of those in the group. The leader stays in contact with each member of the group.

Growth Group Leader – Growth groups are a small group of people from within a Life Group meeting for the purpose of a specific study or project. The Growth Group Leader organizes the meeting schedule and leads the study for the group.

Love804 Coordinator – Each Life Group has a Love804 Coordinator that connects the group to the Missions and Outreach ministry of the church. The coordinator works with teachers in planning Life Group activities involving Missions and Outreach.

Member Ministry Leader – Member Ministry Leaders organize the Life Group into smaller groups for the purpose of ministry and care and assigns all members of the Life Group to a Care Group.

Outreach Leader – The Outreach Leader organizes and executes a plan that guarantees all Life Group guests are warmly welcomed and visited.

Teacher – It is the teacher who leads, teaches the Gospel, and presents a picture of the Christian life. Shepherd a group of up to 15 (off campus) and 50+ (on campus).

Prayer Leader – The Prayer Leader will concentrate primarily on prayers for people in the group, maintaining and distributing a prayer list for the class.

Recordkeeper – The Recordkeeper comes early to group meetings and goes through any materials that are being distributed and accurately accounts for each member, prospect, and guest present making sure all guest and record change forms are completed as needed.

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