The Heights Baptist Church is involved in missions because that is who we are. As we have become a new creation in Christ, being His witness is in our DNA. Acts 1:8b provides the mindset that we should have in missions. We are to be His witness in our community and around that world. We are to do this as individuals and as a church made up of “witnesses” have the power of the Holy Spirit of the Ling God dwelling within us.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8


Strategy as a Church

There are certain principles or strategies that we seek to employ to make the greatest impact as a church to our community and world. These are:

  • Establish an Acts 1:8 missions strategy that touches people beginning in our Jerusalem (Tri-Cities and surrounding counties), extending to our Judea and Samaria (Virginia and North America), and reaching to the ends of the earth (International Missions).
  • Involve every Believer at Colonial Heights Baptist to understand how they can be a part of the mission’s effort. Some may be able to go, some may be able to give, but all can pray and support missions. It is important that we have every person involved in missions.
  • Emphasize church planting and partner with those who have been called to a particular area and have established God-given goals and strategies to reach those that they are called to and working with.
  • Employ both traditional and nontraditional missions programs as part of our overall plan.
  • Emphasize personalization of missions by keeping missionaries constantly in touch with our church family through prayer, correspondence, and annual mission conferences.
  • Involve our people in a variety of short-term mission projects and outreach events that will expand their vision for global evangelization.
  • Seek out and nurture potential missionary candidates within our congregation.
  • Partner with a variety of missions ministries, both Southern Baptist and non-SBC entities.
  • We will utilize the spiritual weapon of prayer to strategically impact our community and world by developing a prayer team that will seek God’s direction and will for our mission partnerships and opportunities

We realize that there are many opportunities, ministries and people that are doing great things for God’s Kingdom. We also realize that we cannot support everyone. Much prayer and research goes into the decisions to partner or support missionaries, ministries and church planters. We truly seek God’s will in who we support and to where we go as a church. What each partnership, mission trip and support looks like will vary, but the goal is always the same and that is to be obedient and a good steward to what God has led us to do as a church.