Love804 is a movement born out of the passion to live out the love of God to our community and in support of one of our core values, “We Live to Tell”.  Love804 is a simple way of saying that we love our community with the “804” being the area code for our region of central Virginia. The catalyst for the Love804 comes from the scripture in Romans 2:4 where we, as Christians, are to show God’s Kindness to everyone they might come to know Him.

As Christians, we are to represent Christ to our neighbor, our community and to our world. Going out and doing good deeds should point people to a good and loving God because of what He has already done in our lives. It is not for personal recognition, but in humility as we are simply servants of an awesome God that deserves our best.

We hope that Love804 becomes an intentional part of every Believer to be a “light set on a hill” and to be a witness for Jesus. We hope that families, friends and groups will get together and go do projects in their neighborhoods and communities. We also hope the local church will take God’s love outside of the church walls and beyond Sunday mornings. And, we hope and believe it paints a great picture when churches come together in unity and purpose to show God’s love and kindness while making our communities a better place because of the church.