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Living in community is very important! In a large church it is easy to slip in unnoticed and never really form the relationships that are necessary for living out God’s plan for us as far as being a part of a real community of believers. At The Heights, we connect best with others through LIFE Groups. It is in these small groups “where friends become family.”  Through LIFE Groups we experience individual spiritual growth, strengthening and support from others and a sense of direction and purpose from God. Many of these life groups also work together to serve our community, many of which have a focus area where and/or how they serve.


CarePortal is a technology used to connect platforms that bring the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs and CarePortal makes local churches and community members aware of the specific needs. This gives individuals real-time opportunities to respond and help vulnerable children and families. Requests submitted through CarePortal come from caseworkers at government child welfare agencies and other child-serving organizations approved by CarePortal to vet needs.

Our life groups are considered “Response Teams” for these needs. If you are interested in joining a team, ask your Life Group’s Love804 coordinator for details.

God’s Girls

A women’s community group who studies the Bible together and identifies opportunities to support those in our community. This group offers the following ongoing opportunities:

●     Every Friday – Food bag distribution at two local motels

●     Every Third Thursday of each month – Hot meal distribution at two local motels

●     Ongoing opportunities to feed local School Staff, Hospital Staff, and First Responders

Contact: Faye Manson at (434) 865-5655 or by email

God’s Guys

A men’s community group who studies the Bible together and identifies opportunities to support those in our community. This group works in conjunction with God’s Girls.

Contact: Tom Manson at (434) 378-1572 or by email

Richard Bland College Sports Team Feedings

On game days, this group can be found preparing, serving, and supporting various sports teams from our local community at Richard Bland College. Sports teams include men’s baseball and women’s softball. Schedules for feedings vary due to team schedules.

Contact: Michaele Shriver at

Ministry Opportunities for Truck Drivers

There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers traveling America’s interstates and highways every day. They keep our country moving by hauling supplies, fuel, food, etc. Often, the job requires truck drivers to be away from their families for days or weeks at a time. With this type of schedule, going to church consistently may be very challenging for these drivers.

 We are blessed to have a TFC Global chaplain, Clint Bivins, within our church. TFC Global is a ministry dedicated to the trucking industry since 1951. He and Ryan Goodson have been pouring into the trucking community for the past two years. They have prayed, written letters, posted online discipleship videos, stocked Daily Breads, supplied Highway News magazines, and provided THBC sermons on CD at cooperating truck stops. If you have any questions, please contact the email below:

 Contact: Chaplain Bivins at

The Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield

The Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield provides practical, compassionate support to women and men facing unplanned or unprepared pregnancy. We have several opportunities for individuals to volunteer during center hours Tuesday-Thursday.

  • Client Advocate, Education, & Support
  • Administrative & Special Projects
  • Baby Boutique Organization
  • Sorting Donations
  • Cleaning

Contact: Julia Santerre at

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship is the leading faith-based voice shaping the public debate on justice reform. Prison Fellowship mobilizes Christians to advocate for a restorative approach to justice that advances proportional punishment, constructive prison culture, and second chances. The Heights is directly involved and encourages men and women to volunteer with Prison Fellowship Academy, a flagship program inside correctional centers, particularly at Sussex I and Sussex II Correctional Center in Waverly, Virginia. The Prison Fellowship Academy is an intensive, biblically based program that takes incarcerated men and women through a holistic 12-month transformation process. Participants are guided by Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers to lead lives of purpose and productivity inside and outside of prison. More information, including the application to become a volunteer can be found by contacting Steve Westermann (, Mark Herndon ( or Alfredo Santiago (