The Journey
We are all on a journey. From the time we are born until the moment we die, our life is a journey marked by the places we go, the people we meet, and the things we do. Along the road, there are ups and down, good days and bad days, times when we are on the mountain top and times in the valleys. Sometimes the path is clear and straight, and other times there are forks and obstacles along the way.

On this journey, every one of us searches for purpose, for love, and a sense of belonging. And somewhere deep inside, we all know that there must be something or someone bigger than us that can fill that void inside and provide the answers to life’s most basic, yet most significant, questions. As Christians, we know that God’s Word answers these questions and that God has much more in store for us than we can even imagine. We know that our lives have purpose and that there is a plan. We know that we are loved and that we belong.

We also know that the journey will not be easy or without problems while living in a fallen world. BUT, we know that God will never leave or forsake us, that He walks with us in troubled times, and that no matter what we are going through, it is part of His purposes in our life. We also know that we are not alone – that there is a group of people on this journey with us so that we can help, encourage, and find joy with one another along the way.

Despite knowing these things, it is still a struggle to manage the day-to-day journey of life, where at times it can seem like we are merely existing or even just surviving. But does God want us just to survive, or does He invite us on a Journey of a Lifetime that we can live abundantly day in and day out with joy, expectation, and purpose? And is it possible for us to look back on the journey and to know that we have truly fulfilled the purpose and plan that God had for our life? It absolutely is, and it’s our desire to help you along your journey as you get to that point.

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, a team of church staff and lay leaders began looking at how to develop leaders, especially among those who volunteer at The Heights doing everything from directing traffic and greeting at the door to life group teachers and leaders of specific ministries. The core questions we sought to address were: 1) Are we equipping the church for the work of the ministry as described in Ephesians 4? 2) How do we aid or disciple our members to grow in their faith as an individual follower of Christ? and 3) Are we helping them discover and grow in their God-given gifts and talents?

From these questions, we began building a plan to come along side every believer at The Heights and to help lead them on this journey….their journey of a lifetime.

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