Starting Point

For any journey, voyage, or quest, there must be a place to begin. For our journey, we’re calling this simply “Starting Point”. Starting Point is a specific date, time, and place that we will come together to lay out what this journey is all about, where we go from here, how to be best prepared, and the importance of joining a team to travel the journey with.

Starting Point is not just for new Christians or new members. Even those who have been members of The Heights for decades will benefit from Starting Point. We believe that everyone will learn something new about the vision and direction of our church, while developing a better understanding of how they fit into the team. And those with experience will be able to help others who are just starting on this journey, either as a new believer or new to The Heights.

During Starting Point, we spend time getting to know who God is, the essence of the Gospel, and how someone can become a follower of Christ or a member of the Heights. We spend time understanding who The Heights is a church and the vision and core values that drive us in our mission as the body of Christ in our community. One entire session is devoted to understanding your design and how personality, passions, experience, and spiritual gifts make you who you are and help define your purpose in Christ.

We close out Starting Point by walking you through to your next step on the Journey. For many, it will be crystal clear that the next step is to become part of (or more engaged with) the TEAM here at The Heights and utilizing their spiritual gifts for God’s Kingdom. Some will be ready to go deeper in the spiritual walk and leadership training by beginning the coursework in our Growth Track 1. Others will realize that they are eager to start on their journey, but there are some things that they may want or need to understand before taking their next steps. They can begin their discipleship journey by taking our Essentials For Your Journey class. The Essentials course will cover the essentials of prayer, studying God’s Word, personal quiet time with God, finding freedom from your past, the joy of a fulfilled life in Christ, and what it means to be in a community of like-minded Believers.

Whether you have been a Christian for one week, one year, or 30 years, the Journey of a Lifetime is for a lifetime. So we invite you to join us on the journey by signing up for Starting Point and giving just three hours of your time as you begin or continue on your Journey of a Lifetime.


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