Worship Arts

Let’s celebrate the joy of worship! Dive into our Worship Arts community with amazing volunteer opportunities just for you! It’s not just about joining the choir—there are instruments to play, cameras to operate, photos to snap, lighting and audio to run, and choreography to learn. There’s something for every age and talent! Come be part of the fun!



Individuals who have a passion to worship / sing praise, at least a moderate vocal proficiency, commitment to attend rehearsals & serve during Sunday worship as well as special / seasonal events, ability to enter/exit the choir loft. No audition nor sight reading required.

Multi-Generation Music Ministry Leadership Team
Individuals who have a passion to mentor and help prepare students to lead worship. There are positions available for Administrators, Sectional Leaders, and Pianists.

Orchestra (Woodwinds, Strings, Brass)
A few areas we look at with our orchestra members include: musical proficiency (at least high school honor band level & ability to play a variety of difficulties/styles), ability to bring instrument and earbuds, ability to play with a click track, and desire to use one’s musical gifts to worship the Lord. Short audition required.

Rhythm Section (Guitars, Keyboards, Drums)
A few areas we look at with our rhythm players include: musical proficiency (ability to read chord charts and/or sheet music), comfortability playing with a click track and ability to bring earbuds and instrument (if applicable), and a desire to use one’s musical gifts to worship the Lord. Short audition

Vessels of Worship Dance Team
Individuals who possess the ability to dance (the ability to move the body in a rhythmic way to music and within a given space for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion). Junior Team (Grades 3-8) Senior Team (Grade 9 – Adults) An audition is required.


Audio Operator
Serves by mixing audio for our live worship service or special event. We have positions mixing live (front of house) and also for live stream.

Lyrics Operator
Operates computer-based presentation software for lyrics and video clips as well as the video switcher for worship services and special events.

Video Director
Serves by operating and/or switching and directs the camera crew through live worship services and special events.

Camera Operator
Operates professional video cameras during live worship services or special events. Camera types vary from stationary to PTZ (robotic), as well as portable cameras.

Lighting Operator
Operating a lighting console and computer projection software for worship services and special events.

Tech Assist
Serves in an on-call role to assist with technical issues in classrooms and auditoriums as needed.

Actor / Presenter
Looking to lend your skills as an actor or presenter? Showcase your talent, versatility, and charisma in dynamic roles or engaging presentations.

Church Photographer
The Church Photographer plays a vital role in visually capturing and preserving the essence of the church community and its activities through compelling images. As part of the team, they adeptly navigate diverse worship settings, skillfully capturing moments of worship, community engagement, and significant events that reflect the essence and vibrancy of the church’s faith and fellowship.