The Special Needs/Buddy Ministry strives to serve families and individuals with special needs or disabilities in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We work with families to develop a plan that will allow an inclusive and accommodating environment within our church.

Our Peer Buddies are an integral role of the Special Needs ministry. Peer Buddies support an individual with high functioning disabilities that just need a friend so that they can participate to their full potential, grow in Christ, and in fellowship with others through the existing ministries of the church. This position requires smiling and an unending supply of love, joy, patience, grace, kindness, consistency, creativity, and flexibility. The more individuals we have that are willing to serve in the role of a peer buddy, the more teens and families in the Special Needs Community we can serve.


  • Teenager
  • Volunteers at least twice a month during either the 9:15 or 10:45 service depending on need, 2-4 hours.
  • Serves at the Church facility
  • Reports to Special Needs/Buddy Coordinator works with student and ministry leaders
  • No previous experience necessary (training will be provided on an ongoing basis)


  • Meet peer participant in the designated classroom
  • Helps peer participate to their full potential in all regular ministry activities, especially as they relate to fellowship
  • Hangs out with participant when group participation is not possible or helpful.
  • Provide safety at all times and follow all church ministry guidelines at all times
  • Maintain positive relationship with peer participant

The benefits of serving as a peer buddy reach our community in so many ways. Just a few facts you should know if you are considering volunteering your time as a peer buddy:

  1. Most students that have unseen disabilities do not attend church because it can be difficult to participate, make friends, or adjust to the environment on their own. Therefore, they do not get the benefit of friendship and being a part of a church community. By volunteering as a Peer Buddy, you are providing your peer and their family with the opportunity to be a member of our church family.
  2. Most peers of individuals with high functioning disabilities miss out on having awesome friendships because of “invisible walls” keeping them from including these individuals. By volunteering as a Peer Buddy, you are helping your typical peers to create relationships with great people.