TAG Women’s Mentoring Program


Mission Statement

Touching Another Generation is a lifestyle-mentoring ministry where women will invest in the lives of one another through loving, laughing, listening, guiding and encouraging. The goal of lifestyle mentoring is for mentors to guide younger women or “mereas”, in their current life season and help them grow spiritually in their relationship with Christ. Through lifestyle mentoring, TAG hopes to help women form meaningful relationships that are a source of support, growth and strength.


What is a Mentor and what do they do?

A mentor is a woman who is successfully navigating the seasons & experiences of life. – She is a mature woman who is developing in faith and consistent in godly conduct. – She is willing to listen, share skills, and provide a positive perspective for life experiences.

What is a Merea and what do they do?

“Merea” (muh-rā-uh) is a Hebrew term that means young friend. – A merea is a woman who welcomes the insight and knowledge of a more mature woman. – She desires to develop certain skills and/or strengths for her personal and spiritual journey. – She is looking for a woman who has dealt with or understands the struggles she now faces.

What commitment does the Mentoring Ministry require?

All mereas & first-time mentors are required to attend an “Introduction to TAG” meeting before turning in an application. Pairings are done each October and are considered “official” through May of the next year. You will commit to faithfully meet together at least once a month, or more, if mutually agreed upon. You agree to pray for and communicate with each other regularly. The hope is that the prescribed time together blossoms into a true friendship and you continue being a part of one another’s life.

Do I have to be a member of The Heights to participate?

Membership AND faithful attendance to both worship and a Life Group is required to be a mentor. Mereas may not necessarily be members but must be actively seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ.

What do I do if my match is not working out?

Don’t just walk away from the relationship. Pray and be sure you have reached out numerous times to connect and develop a friendship. – Contact one of the TAG Coordinators, Jami Gillis, or Charlotte Swearingen with any questions, concerns, or challenges you may be experiencing before making any decisions to terminate your mentoring relationship.