DU Youth

The purpose of D.U. for youth is to equip students with a sturdy, biblical foundation from which they can grow and thrive in today’s culture.

MS Classes
Spiritual Beings Description: What do angels, demons, and Satan have to do with each other and what exactly are they? Find out in this jam packed 8 week class

At the Movies Description: How do you evaluate your media choices? Join us as we look at modern media and how to evaluate the healthiness of what we consume.

HS Classes
Relate(able): Description: We explore the fundamental question of what makes us relatable to others. Learn how God can change our perspective on relationships, give us a greater purpose in dating & marriage, bring peace in conflict, and help us restore broken relationships.

The Enneagram & Leadership Description: Do you know your enneagram number? What does it say about you? Learn how understanding your enneagram number and personality profile can help you lead and serve better in your church, community, high school, and into college.

Class List