DU Preschool

Purpose: To introduce preschoolers to our mission and values by providing activities and lessons which will give them opportunities to practice our values. Preschoolers will rotate through stations throughout the evening and each week of the month will offer one different station.


Life Shaped by the Word: Preschoolers will review the lesson and memory verse taught on Sunday.  Repetition is important for preschoolers and reiterating what they already know will help instill it in the hearts for eternity.

Sunday Fuels the Lifestyle:  Wednesday night will include elements from Sunday morning in hopes of providing a good jumpstart for preschoolers and leaders to help carry them through the remainder of the week.

Where Friends Become Family: Preschoolers will connect while working together to create crafts, snacks and by participating in team building games.

Everyone Plays a Part: Preschoolers will learn the importance of working together and will begin to understand that even they have a big part in God’s plan.

We Live to Tell: Preschoolers will participate in various service projects throughout the year, learning the importance of sharing God’s love in the community.

Next Generation Matters Now: This program will allow parents and leaders to better connect with the next generation and will provide more opportunity for reaching, coaching and investing.