As we begin the new year, you might be thinking, “Okay, Lord, is there a better way we can start 2021?” Do I even remember what I might have been doing right or wrong those opening days and weeks of 2020? Well, regardless, there is always a best way to do something and that is on our knees in prayer. And it is not just about a better year. There is a heaviness and tension in our world. There is a division throughout our nation, community, and homes. We need a new and fresh work of the Lord. We need to believe again, hope again, see lives changed again that results in healing and peace throughout our homes, communities and nation. Any real chance at that will come from the Church on her knees before the Lord. Join us January 6 and 10 as we begin 21 days of prayer.


Come to either campus on Wednesday, January 6, at 6pm to gather and pray for 21 well-defined minutes. Our prayer will focus on the upcoming 21 days of prayer and its success.  If you can’t make it to one of our campuses, join us online at

Click here for the PDF version of the prayer service handout.


Consider adding an element of fasting to this time of prayer. Fasting helps us to continually reorient ourselves to the One who sustains us.

Click here for a PDF of some fasting guidelines.


On Sunday, January 10, we will start day one of a prayer guide that will give very specific instructions and various options of how to use the 21 days both alone and together. Your church needs you, and the world needs us to pray. Let’s do this together – 21 days of prayer for 2021!

A PDF of the 21 Days of Prayer booklet is available here.